Leather Carving_Wild Pansy 皮革寫實花卉雕刻_三色堇

Realistic Floral Artwork – Wild Pansy Flowers
Using a combination of embossing and layering techniques, the natural realism and delicate posture of the Wild Pansy Flowers bouquet is beautifully showcased on leather.

First of all, use the modelling spoon to individually process the petals and leaves that need to be layered.

Use a surgical blade to gently cut the petals and increase their delicacy.

Apply pre-treated petals and leaves

Combine all the structures to make the relief effect of the painting natural and layered.

上色步驟,使用塩基染料處理花朵和葉子的基礎底色,配合Acrylic_white 來處理粉色系上色。

In the coloring step, use salt-based dye to treat the basic background color of flowers and leaves, and cooperate with Acrylic_white to process the pink coloring.
The leaf color does not need to be too meticulous, and the focus is on flowers.

上色最後步驟,使用Acrylic Colors 來處理最後顏色加強和細緻度。
The last step of coloring is to use Acrylic Colors to deal with the final color enhancement and fineness.

整體是以塩基染料為主,由於塩基染料色彩鮮艷度和飽和度不夠,最後階段利用Acrylic Colors 來幫三色堇提升寫實效果。
The whole is mainly salt-based dyes. Due to the lack of freshness and saturation of salt-based dyes, Acrylic Colors is used in the final stage to help pansy improve the realistic effect.