Leather Carving_Daisy 皮革寫實花卉雕刻

Daisy’s language of flower is symbolises strength, joy, hope, innocence, and love hidden deep in the heart amidst adversity. I really like its Chinese name “瑪格麗特”.

In nature, this flower is commonly seen in white, but the color of the flowers in this teaching piece has been changed to shades of pink. The artwork has a light and delicate color palette without complex color variations, and the main goal of the exercise is to create and increase a sense of layering using the same color scheme.

The main tool used in this artwork is the modelling spoon , with the main flower parts being handled entirely with the modelling spoon, except for the decorative knife lines in the background. This tests one’s ability to create simple sculptures using simple tools.

The coloring is mainly done with Japanese salt-based dyes, with white parts being processed with acrylic paint.

The time-consuming part of this artwork is the large number of flowers, but the method is not too complicated. Time and patience are the main challenges. When the artwork is completed and framed, one can admire it in detail while sipping a fragrant cup of tea, making all the effort worthwhile.

Daisy 花語是:逆境中的堅強、愉快、希望、天真、深藏在心底的愛。非常喜歡它的中文名字,『瑪格麗特』。